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Buy / Sell CSGO Faceit Level 10 & ESEA A+ Account


We're trusted sellers with more than 5 years of service experience and now proudly representing the largest spectrum of faceit and esea accounts on the market.

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Product Categories

  • Faceit 2001 - 2600 Elo

  • ESEA Ranked Profiles

  • Fresh Faceit Ready accounts (with hours)

  • Faceit 2600 - 3300+ Elo

  • Faceit Level 3 - 10 




Account offers:


     1. Matchmaking Ranked Smurf Accounts ( both Prime & Nonprime - Any Rank). 


     2. Faceit level 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - lvl 10 2000 Elo + Accounts including Steam & CSGO profile.


     3. ESEA A- B A+ Account & Profile ( You can simply connect ESEA profile to your own Steam Account)

After purchase you will receive account information (login faceit/steam, password faceit/steam and first email details) on your email.All accounts have disabled steam guard, you can instantly connect to account and add your phone, change email and anything you want.




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