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CS2 Tips and Tricks | BEST Video settings for CS 2

Updated: Apr 2

CS2 Useful tips and tricks: How to use advantage of tips and tricks in counter strike global offensive that will help you to get higher ranks and improve your skills.

Written by an ex-FPL-Challenger/Rank S player.

cs2 tips and tricks video settings

Tip 1 - Practice Accurate Shooting

Practice, practice and always practice. If you wish to improve your shooting you should be doing so by playing between 20-40 minutes of Death Match (preferably FFA) or Workshop Maps against Bots. You can play both 20 and 20 minutes or just one of these, whichever you would prefer. As a workshop map we would suggest AIMBOTS to begin with.

Tip 2 - Choose one Map and stick with it for some time

If you are playing a 5vs5 competitive, then you should certainly not play whole lot of maps but rather 1 or 2 same maps over and over again until you get good at it. After certain time (let's say a month or two) you should begin with new maps that you haven't been queueing for on faceit/mm/esea. While playing one of your maps you will get used to the positioning, map structure, grenade usages in certain areas and so on. This will boost your confidence which will result in more wining rounds each game you will play. As a first map we would suggest de_mirage and de_inferno to begin with.

Tip 3 - Communication is the Key

Always communicate with the teammates about each of the round who goes where and make a plan for your self or teammates you play with. We would also suggest to only communicate when it's really important. Because talking on and on during the rounds can deconcentrate your teammates but your self too. If you already have a 1 tactical caller or some person that will call plays for everyone then it's definitely best for you to just provide crucial info during the game.

Tip 4 Adjust CS2 Video Settings and all other options and settings that you feel the most comfortable with.

We would suggest you to always use the lowest or low quality video and game settings so that your FPS can be capped at highest. We also prepared the best video settings that you should use in order to have best cs2 fps boost in 2023.

  • Brightness - Choose what you’re most comfortable with.

  • Color Mode - Computer Monitor.

  • Aspect Ratio - Personally we prefer 16:9, but choose what works for you.

  • Resolution - Again, choose what works for you.

  • Display Mode - Go Fullscreen

  • Laptop Power Savings - Disabled

  • Global Shadow Quality - Very Low

  • Model/Texture Detail - Low

  • Effect Detail - Low

  • Shade Detail - Low

  • Multicore Rendering - Enabled

  • Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode - None

  • Texture Filtering Mode - Bilinear

  • FXAA Anti-Aliasing - Disabled

  • Wait for Vertical Sync - Disabled

  • Motion Blur - Disabled

The video settings that we've written above is used by many of cs 2 professionals and is definitely suggested to be used.

You may not feel great about it in the first days of using it, especially if you switched from a 1920x1080, but quickly you will start to adjust and like the idea of having everything set to lowest.

Tip 5 - Use grenades, but Wisely

We would suggest you to always practice throwing grenades (flash, smoke and damaging grenade), for the map that you have picked to play on (weather this is mirage or inferno or any other that you have picked), it is important that you practice all the grenades spots and bounces correctly.

We would suggest you to again, download a Workshop Map(s) from here -

As you can see there are all map from the competitive map pool available. Pick a map and the spots that will display in the workshop will definitely make your life so much easier than if you would watch youtube tutorials.

Tip 6 - "Sometimes you Win, sometimes you Learn" - (Learn from the Best)

We would suggest you learn from professionals by either watching professional cs2 players Stream on Twitch, Demos or Tournaments. Or even hiring a professional Counter Strike 2 Coach or Boosters that could definitely help you on your way improving as an individual. If you decide to hire a boosting or coach service it would be a good start as you will be able to directly watch the high amount of skill coming out from your ally teammates. CS2 Boosting can also done together with coaching but it can also be done separately through sessions, whichever you'd prefer.

If you are looking for those kind of options, then have no doubt you have came on the right place. Hastyboost has plenty of available Coaches and Boosters ranked as FPL Challenger and Rank S that can help you out in any aspect of the game.

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