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Esportal Rank Elite | 1,617 Elo | 2.45 K/D | Verified | Instant Delievery

  • Esportal Rank: Master
  • Esportal Elo: 1,617
  • Esportal Phone: Verified
  • Win Ratio: 100%
  • Longest Win Streak: 5
  • Mobile Verified
  • K/D 2.45
  • Headshot: 54%
  • Esportal Nick Change: Available
  • Faceit Verified
  • Matchmaking Ready (Private Rank 3)
  • CS:GO Hours: 507
  • ESEA: Unregistered
  • Behaviour Index: Positive (1000+)
  • Region: Free
  • Community / Vac / Trade Banned: None

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  • faceit boosting
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