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🌪️ 10' Faceit 3,027 Elo | 2.1 K.D | 2,100 Points | 5,591 Hours | Instant Dl.

  • Faceit Level: 10
  • Faceit Elo: 3,027
  • Faceit Matches: 93
  • Master League: Available
  • League Hubs ( 8 - 10+ ): Unlocked
  • ECL, Mythic, MESL Gold Stars: Available
  • ECL LegendsL Unlocked (2.7K Elo to join)
  • Faceit Nick Change: Available
  • Faceit Points: 2,100
  • Faceit Phone: Verified
  • K/D Ratio: 2.10
  • Win Rate: 87%
  • Average HS: 36%
  • Average Kills: 26
  • Longest Win Sreak: 33
  • CS:GO Hours: 5,591
  • CS:GO Achievements: 72/167
  • Steam Registered: January 2010.
  • Steam 10 Year of Service Badge
  • Steam Level: 6
  • MM: Unranked
  • MM: Ready (Private Rank 3)
  • ESEA/Esportal: Unregistered
  • Available Mission: Win 10 matches (500pts.)
  • Available Mission: Win 60 matches (20k pts.)
  • Behavior Index: Positive (1,100+)
  • Region: Free
  • Community / VAC / Trade Banned: None

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I'm already receiving Universal Credit, can you help me?

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