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You will recieve the following:


1. Steam Account Name & Password

2. Original (first) E-Mail and Password


* Account Example in screenshots.


Instant Delivery Enabled!

Buyers will receive links to download their Digital products (Steam & E-mail Logins)  in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.


❗️Important: If you see only 9 Years of Service Badge, it means that you must buy 5$+ game from Steam Store in order to make your account unlimited and unlock all badges.



Have any questions or concerns?

Contact us through Discord: hastyboost#9209 

Old CS:GO Account | Registered 2009/2010 | 2,690 Hours | Instant Delivery



⌛️ Steam Account was Created in 2009/10
📨 Original Email Access is Included. 
⭐️ 9/10 Years of Service Steam Badge. 

 ❗️   Steam Badge

✔️ Register Faceit: Available

✔️ Faceit Ready: Starting Level 3

ESEA/Esportal: Unregistered

MM Ready: Private Rank 3

✔️ CS:GO Hours: 2,500+
5️⃣ Short and Unique Steam ID. (7 digits) 



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   Boosting price will be automatically calculated based on your Current And Desired Level / Elo. It’s recommended but not necessary to temporarily            change your password while boosting.

Follow The Checkout Steps

You will be redirected to a safe & secure faceit boost checkout page where you’ll be able to select your payment option.

    PayPal is one of the biggest online payment providers                          worldwide and is 100% safe.

    Make A Cup of Coffee & Relax

   Our booster will be assigned to your faceit boosting order within ~2 hours. Please be patient, boosters usually are in the middle of other orders, and they have to finish       their current job in order to start your boost.

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Winstreak Faceit Level 9
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  • faceit boosting
  • esea boosting
esea boosting