Submit Faceit / ESEA Account

Here you can place your Account in queue for sale. Make sure that                          everything is correct before submiting.

Payments are being transferred every Sundays and Mondays only.

If you haven't received your payment after the Monday, please send us an email to and we will check as soon as possible.

Please read before you submit details​:

  • Disable Steam Guard ( by confirming from your Email )

  • Remove all Faceit Friends

  • Switch the Current Email of Steam & Faceit to

  • If the original email is not Rambler or Protonmail, make sure you include too.

  • Make sure that all details are correct before sending.


Price for each account is not fixed. We will always try to sell it for as highest as possible.

Approximate prices are %50 of the Account Market Prices ( check here  ).

Payment Options:

Thanks for submitting!

By submiting the form you fully agree to the %50 market price which is not fixed but will be as highest as possible.

For any questions/concerns/higher valued accounts or  regarding the account sale, send us an email to

Frequently asked questions

When will you sell my account?

The account will be placed in the selling queue and it will be sold as soon as possible. There is not time range when it will be sold, but when it does we will notify you through your email and transfer the payment.

How much will you pay for my account?

The account will be listed for as highest as possible market price. There is no fixed price , and the price may go down based on how many we have in stock at the particular time.

When will i get paid?

The payment will go through as soon as the account gets sold. The same day or the next day. If you did not receive your payment or have any other question regarding it send us an email to

Do i have to provide original email and proofs of purchases?

Yes, otherwise we will not be able to take the account.