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Best CSGO Pro CONFIG 2024 Generator CFG Autoexec & How to Hear Louder Footsteps

Updated: Apr 2

In this blog we will be covering how to add your CFG file and which professional config should you choose.

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Using a professional player CS2 Autoexec Config

Weather you want to try out a pro player config or you are simply not satisfied with yours there is a way to do it. And that is by downloading one of the top tier players configuration and adding it to your own csgo cfg folder. However there are couple of more important aspects of the cs 2 settings and configuration that we will be including.

The URL for trying out a professional Autoexec CFG can be found here -

You can simply download the configuration and continue with the next steps

  • Download the configuration that you picked.

  • Unzip config file in any folder you like.

  • Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/cs2/cfg folder and place downloaded config file there.

  • Start the CS2 , open developers console and write the command exec name , the name is the config that you recently downloaded and placed in the cs2 folder.

This will automatically put all your commands to the best setting so you don't have to worry about that something is missing. However, we do not suggest to use certain settings from professionals cs2 autoexec config if you do not like it, we would always advise you to use the type of crosshair , sound , video settings that you feel comfortable playing with.

CS 2 Sound Boost and Sound Configuration

In this section we will talk about cs 2 autoexec cfg configuration of the Audio and Sound modules. You should be having all set to default by it self, but one thing that we would suggest for you is to install a SOUND Booster Equalizer for CSGO that will help you to hear Foot Steps more clearly and more efficiently .

The URL for the CS2 Equalizer can be found here

When finish installing make sure to add this cs2configuration for each frequency.

16 0 32 0 63 0 125 2 250 4 500 5.5 1000 7 2000 8.5 4000 10 8000 8 16000 6

Once done you will see the difference between the old and new sound. This way you will definitely hear louder and better footsteps which will make you react quicker upon killing your opponent and securing the rounds for your team!

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