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CS2 requirements , How to Change Faceit Nickname?

Updated: Apr 2

CS2 FACEIT Platform Requirements and basic information related to ANTI Cheat

faceit cs2 requirements

Not everyone know what exactly faceit requirements for counter strike 2 are . There are certain requirements for both FACEIT and ESEA in case you are new or wishing to register a new Faceit Profile .

Requirements , How to Change Faceit Nickname?

You will have to have on your Steam Account CS 2 profile at least 25 to 40 HOURS Game Time in order to register on Faceit.

Make sure that your Steam profile is set to PUBLIC , before trying to connect your Steam to the Faceit platform .

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Is Faceit Free to Play?

Faceit is definitely free to register and free to play. However, some features are purchasable such as :

Premium Subscription (which will allow you to play only with and against premium players in a 5v5 competitive queue).

Premium is used for people who wish to queue with more like serious players but not only that, there are certain Ladder prizes where you can win Points, Gear , Skins and more by having Faceit Premium which costs around 10 USD a month.

Faceit NICKNAME Change - how to change it?

In order to change your Faceit nickname you would have to purchase PREMIUM Subscription for your account. At least 1 month, but most important not FACEIT CS2 Subscription as it will not grant you a free nickname change.

Once purchased you will be able to change your faceit nickname up to 3 times.

The other way on changing Faceit Nick for free , is by collecting faceit points by playing 5v5 normal , as you are climbing up the ladder you will be gaining certain amount of faceit points and once you reach 1500 Points you can go ahead to the faceit shop market and purchase nickname change for free.

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