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CS2 Ranks Explained , ESEA & Faceit vs Matchmaking

Updated: Apr 2

Information related to cs2 ranks , how to improve and get better , and comparison of faceit and esea to MM

In this blog we will explain everything about CS2 MM Ranks , Danger Zone , Wingman and differences between the matchmaking to faceit and esea in a whole.

rank cs2 system explained

Ranking CS2 System

  • Silver I (S1)

  • Silver 2 CS2 (S2)

  • Silver III (S3)

  • Silver IV (S4)

  • Silver Elite (SE)

  • Silver Elite Master (SEM)

  • Gold Nova I (GN1)

  • Gold Nova II (GN2)

  • Gold Nova III (GN3)

  • Gold Nova Master (GNM)

  • Master Guardian I (MG1)

  • Master Guardian II (MG2)

  • Master Guardian Elite (MGE)

  • Distinguished Master Guardian CS 2 (DMG)

  • Legendary Eagle (LE)

  • Legendary Eagle Master (LEM CS 2)

  • Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)

  • Global Elite CS 2 (GE)

Playing Matchmaking or MM in 2023. is definitely different than it used to be. Ranks haven't changed from Silver to Global Elite. There is not a huge gap between each of the ranks most likely you will have to win around 7 wins in a row for each rank up. Getting out from low ranks is kind of hardest as there are many cheaters and smurfs out there. So in case you will need a hand getting out of that mm Abyss you can always check our CS2 Rank Boosting section over here .

We suggest that if you are not greatly experienced in CS 2 overall , that after LEM Rank you should definitely not solo queue but find whichever it can be as the randoms may intentionally troll your matches which can be ended up with a chain of losses.

The most Rank present are within Master Guardians and Gold Nova Ranks . While we have a bit more in Distinguished , Legendary Eagle Master ranks. While the lowest 0.7% is located in Supreme Master First Class and The Global Elite.

Silver Ranks are usually people that are new to the game or smurf accounts that will make their journey to rank ups way harder. Getting ranked boost in cs go boost service such as ours will definitely cut the time that you invest playing the game and will certainly help you to improve your skills with hastyboost employees that are in the same time providing coaching services.

Should i switch to Faceit or ESEA ? And never return to CS2 Matchmaking?

"Go back to matchmaking" . We all heard this sentence from people who try to make fun about someone who is lacking game skill. Should you keep grinding matchmaking or should you switch to the faceit or esea platforms we will answer in the next couple of sentences.

In case you are just playing for fun with your friends then perhaps MM can be good option to start with. But if you are occasionally facing cheaters then you should immediately switch to FACEIT if you are from Europe or North America. Or ESEA if you are from just North America.

Those 2 platforms have their own anti cheats and will provide you with much better gaming experience overall. Faceit and ESEA also have 124 tick rate servers which Valve's matchmaking do not. If you haven't know about the tick rate and what it does, then you should definitely see for your self how better are servers to be played on in general and how much easier is to aim and run through the cs2 maps.

Faceit Level / Rank System Explained

faceit rank explained

Level 1 100 - 800 Elo

Level 2 : 801 - 950 Elo

Level 3 : 951 - 1100 Elo

Level 4 : 1101 - 1250 Elo

Level 5 : 1251 - 1400 Elo

Level 6 : 1401 - 1550 Elo

Level 7 : 1551 - 1700 Elo

Level 8 : 1701 - 1850 Elo

Level 9 : 1851 - 2000 Elo

Level 10 : 2001 + Elo

While starting to play faceit , each win will give approximately around +25 ELO. Note that this could be less or more depending on the ELO of the enemy matchup. In comparison to MM Level 7 should be equal to The Global Elite, while all above is much more present skill range compared to matchmaking players.

In general we would always suggest players to queue faceit as there are much more experienced players where you will learn more quicker.

If you wish to play with better players against the better players then this choice is in our opinion the best for you to improve , as playing against weak players won't give you much experience.

If you have trouble not finding the proper team or teammates you can visit our Faceit Boost section or Faceit Accounts for sale.

ESEA Rank system Explained

esea ranks explained

Rank S 7K+ MMR

Rank G 6250+ MMR

Rank A+ 5750+ MMR

Rank A 5500+ MMR

Rank A-5000+ MMR

Rank B+ < 5000 MMR

Rank B

Rank B-

Rank C+

Rank C

Rank C-

Rank D+

Rank D

Rank D-

2000 - 10000 MMR

ESEA is the best choice for North American players, as very low amount of people in the EU plays ESEA, meaning that you would have to wait for long queues in order to find your Match.

Each win would gain around 75 to 125 MMR depending on the enemy matchup.

Rank G and Rank S are final ranks for "more experienced" players , for EU they are also based in regular CS2 Pugs. As for NA they are special 5vs5 environment of selected players that have qualified to this private HUB. Each place in NA Rank G/S is awarded with money prizes as well as the top 5 PUG players in C , B , A Ranks which are awarded with CSGO steam skins. The same procedure is for the Europe, excluding the rank g and s private hubs.

Faceit in our opinion is best for both regions as it has more players queueing, better rank system and better anti cheat definitely. So our choice should always be FACEIT more than MM or ESEA.

If you are looking for ESEA boosting or esea accounts for sale please check our Menu Sections above.

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