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Faceit Stats Elo , Faceit Anti Cheat & Enhancer

Updated: Apr 2

CS2 Faceit Stats Information, Faceit Enhancer and Faceit Anti Cheat

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Faceit Stats

How to find out faceit detailed statistics of an ordinary account. If you are looking on how you can check full statistics of a faceit account, you can easily do that by heading over to

From this point you can view all in detailed Statistics, Elo, History, Upcoming changes and Ladders, as well as the Average Kills and K/D Ratio Numeric values of each player.

Faceit Enhancer

Faceit Enhancer will allow you to view the team's or enemy Current ELO as well as the more live statistics of your opponents. If you haven't known by it yet, make sure to download Faceit Enhancer from the google chrome or other browser extensions and hit that install button.

From now on you will not need to pay for Faceit Premium in order to check the Stats but you can have all that features for free!

Our professional Faceit Boosting team has already using both of these trackers for their own main profiles as well as to check how much elo does our regular Client has before stating the cs2 faceit boost up to level 10.

Faceit Anti Cheat - Avoid HWID BAN if banned for Cheating

Faceit platform is most known for their best anti cheat that protects the players from 3rd party activities.

Under no circumstances you should not even try to cheat on Faceit as if you get caught one time, faceit will permanently track your own PC HWID Motherboard, meaning that if you try to register again on faceit with the same computer and network you will immediately get banned for Ban Evasion.

This is why we truly suggest everyone not to try to cheat on faceit as the most people we known got banned quickly, so there is no point for it. If you are frustrated having trolls or bad teammates every time perhaps you should never solo queue otherwise you might get more and more irritated and demotivated.

Through our Faceit Boosting programs and Coaching tips and tricks we can definitely help you upon gaining more elo or improving as an individual. For free consulting please visit our Contact Us page in the menu section.

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